Japanese urban myths part 2

  • It is not difficult to see, that ideas like all Japanese are either geishas or sumo wrestlers are not true. Thinking nutrition wise, neither is the idea that Japanese eat sushi every day. However, there are still some old myths out there, that many believe to be real, rather than just someone pulling their leg, since Japan has already successfully proved, that some things which are considered crazy abroad, are totally normal in Japan. Let’s take a closer look at things, that are not entirely true or even simply nonsense.

    1. Japanese actually use the crazy inventions

    Japanese are crazy, but they are not THAT crazy. Thinking rationally, inventions like the all over umbrella cover for extra protection or the toilet tissue dispenser are not realistically useful at all.

    2. All fruits are expensive and Japanese buy them

    There are indeed some fruits that cost 10 times its regular price due to the special farming, famous “breeding” and extra care, but an average fruit in a supermarket does not cost you an arm and a leg. They are expensive, though, if compared to the European market.

    3. You will never be able to speak Japanese

    This is semi-true. If you are not living in Japan, then it is very difficult and nearly impossible to reach a native level, but if you live in Japan, chances are higher. If you try hard, you might even reach master level.

    4. Japanese men do not like to show affection

    They are not like western man, telling their wives every day that they love her, etc. But they do show affection, though not always verbally. For western women, who are dating Japanese men, this might often be a difficult topic, but if you talk about it, you might find a compromise that both are happy with.