Looks can be Deceiving But Not with Japanese Cuisine: What You See is What You Get

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  • Have you ever seen food on a television commercial or on a restaurant menu that looked delicious based on its presentation, but ended up being a disappointment in both presentation and taste? If so, then you know all too well how frustrating such an experience can be and I have found that most (keyword “most”) of the cuisines offered in Japan are contrary to the ladder.

    Delivers on Taste and Presentation


    Most meals in Japan deliver on its offer for beautifully crafted and tantalizing dishes. First of all, some individuals may have the false notion that Japan’s food selection has nothing more to offer aside from rice and sushi. However, throughout my travels around the country, I’ve found many dishes that not only prove satisfying in taste but delivered on it’s advertised presentation as well. This is largely due to the Japanese culture’s ability to pay close attention to detail, and treating every dish as a work of art with the understanding that presentation is just as important as the taste of the dish itself.

    Great Value for Money


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    In the U.S. not only are true authentic Japanese dishes hard to come by, but they tend to cost a pretty penny in terms of price. In Japan, for instance, your typical ramen noodle bowl can range from 680 yen ($6.00-$6.80) to 1500 yen ($14.00-$15.00), where in the U.S. the same dish could range from $20.00-$25.00. Aside from the reasonable prices, I’ve found that each dish is usually accompanied by a bowl of rice and miso soup which is a common practice in most restaurants around Japan.

    Minor Cons


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    Some areas of Japanese dining which you may find discouraging, however, may be its small portion sizes and there are many restaurants offering similar dishes. For instance, although there is more than fish and rice available, after living in Japan for awhile you may begin to notice similar types of food being offered across various areas in your travels.

    All in all, I have come to realize that in terms of Japanese dining, whether you see it in a commercial, anime or on the pages of a menu, you will seldom be disappointed by the taste or presentation of a meal, for what you see is what you get.

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