Try Sakura Pepsi, Japan’s Newest Seasonal Flavor for Spring!

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  • Japan is well known for many things. Friendly people, amazing culture and gorgeous seasons. Nothing, however, tops their creativity in taking well-loved food products and making them quintessentially Japanese. There are examples of this everywhere in the country, all you have to do is look!

    From the ubiquitous matcha (and now sake!) flavored Kit Kats, black bun and cheese Burger King burgers and even the most recent McDonalds chocolate fries, Japan definitely has it all covered. It thus comes as no surprise that the latest entry from Pepsi would be the newest big hit. Now introducing the one and only Sakura Pepsi!


    Pepsi Varieties


    Now Pepsi itself is no stranger to a myriad of strange flavors, especially in Japan. In the past, they have had colorful flavors from white to green to pink (tangerine, cucumber, and strawberry milk respectively). They have also had such unusual flavors in the past as azuki bean and even salty watermelon! However, this is their first foray into the sakura flavor.

    Sakura Pepsi


    For a limited time, this will be available throughout Japan from convenience stores to those seemingly everywhere vending machines. Starting March 8, 2016, you too can have your own. The new Pepsi flavor is easily distinguishable from its other counterparts by its vivid pink color and bright packaging. It also displays the word SAKURA in bold pink lettering with beautiful pink sakura against a black background.

    It retails for around 140 yen and will be available for a limited time likely in conjunction with the cherry blossom season in Japan. Now the flavor profile may be more cherry based than actual sakura, but we will soon find out!

    So definitely do not miss your chance to be one of the first to try this amazing concoction! Especially as it is not available anywhere but Japan.

    Happy drinking!

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