Josou Danshi: The Cross-Dressing Hobby Gaining Popularity Among Japanese Men!

  • Generally speaking, Asian men (including Japanese men) have a very different build compared to their western counterparts. With the majority having slim, toned figures, their bodies can adapt to fit all types of clothing. This brings us to the unexpected hobby that has recently reached a new level of popularity in Japan.

    Josou danshi or cross-dressing men has recently become a popular hobby among several young men in Japan. What may look like a beautiful girl may actually be a beautiful josou danshi instead! So, let’s take a closer look into josou danshi and the reasoning behind it.

    Josou Danshi in Japan


    Josou danshi may not be a sight you see every day and it’s fair to say that some fit in very well with the crowd. However, josou danshi is actually a hobby for men who like to feel cute in women’s clothing. Some of the reasons also include women’s clothing being cuter and more affordable, which some feel isn’t fair resulting in trying it out. While these men may cross-dress as beautiful girls, most still identify as men that like to date women.

    Josou danshi’s popularity reaches far and wide, as there are Josou Popularity Blog Rankings, Josou Cafe’s, male celebrities who are paid to do josou danshi (like Kanjani Eight’s TV commercial for Candy Crush Soda) and, of course, let’s not forget those who do it for cosplay events taking the game to a top notch level. Men who do josou as a hobby surely takes pride in bringing out their inner cute side.

    Josou Danshi Maid Cafe


    If you would like to find a place where you are guaranteed see several josou danshis, then there’s a maid cafe in Akihabara! The Otoko no Ko Cafe & Bar NEWTYPE (男の娘カフェ&バーNEWTYPE) which is popular for its josou maids where you can meet and chat with them. This place is popular among both men and women!

    This new hobby can easily trick the eyes making it hard to distinguish girls from josou danshi. So, what do you think? If you would like to see josou danshi, be sure to check out the maid cafe in Akihabara!

    Otoko no Ko Cafe Website*Japanese Only


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