First Up in the McDonald’s Japan McSweets Line is the Honey Lemon Shake!

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  • Recently, McDonald’s in Japan introduced a line called McSweets. This special line is meant for sweet indulgent desserts that are different from those sold in McDonalds’ regular line. It seems like McDonald’s is offering a line filled with sweet goodness to complement its major line which is filled with savory food. The first product released for the menu of this McSweets is a honey lemon flavored shake.

    You may be wondering what is so special about honey lemon shake as it sounds like such an ordinary drink which can be found anywhere.

    Honey Lemon Shake

    Certainly, McDonald’s Japan is not a company that would not think things through and release an unremarkable product for its new line. The McSweets line actually aims to produce food and drinks which use domestic regional specialty ingredients. Likewise, for this McDonald’s McShake Honey Lemon, you can rest assured that the ingredients are not your ordinary honey and lemon. The lemon juice and honey are actually sourced from Setouchi, a region of Japan that faces the Seto Inland Sea. Setouchi is popular for its citrus fruits, making it a unique selling point of the honey lemon shake! The honey lemon shake by McDonald’s is described as having a rich aroma and luxurious rich flavor with a refreshing sour taste blended with the sweetness of honey.

    The McSweets Line and Ingredients

    The McSweets line plans to launch a variety of limited-time flavors and the honey lemon shake is no exception. The shake will be sold nationwide (with the exception of a few stores) for a limited time from February 23rd, 2016 until late March. Since the ingredients originate from Setouchi, there will be a pre-sale of the shake starting from February 19, 2016 in five Setouchi prefectures which are Yamaguchi, Hiroshima, Okayama, Ehime, and Kagawa.

    The honey lemon shake comes in two sizes. The small size one is priced at 120 yen including tax while the medium size one is priced at 200 yen including tax.

    Will You Try It?

    Does the new honey lemon shake pique your interest? Since the ingredients are domestic specialty ingredients, one would hope that the shake would taste better than a regular honey lemon drink! Since it is a time-limited item, be sure to grab one while you can!

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