Practise These 8 Ways to Express Your Love in Japanese!

  • Do you have a Japanese girlfriend or Japanese boyfriend? Learn these words to express your feelings to them! You can also use some of these phrases to impress the Japanese men or Japanese women you are not with (yet) but are interested in being with!

    1. Suki Desu

    Suki desu literally means “I like you”, but it is used to imply that you like a person more than just as a friend. You can use these words to confess your love to your crush, or express your love during the early stages of dating.

    2. Aishiteru

    It means “I love you” and it is has a stronger meaning than “Suki desu”. Thus, you have to be really serious about someone and mean the words when you say them, so as to not hurt anyone! It is used much less often compared to “suki desu”, which is a more easygoing expression. Thus, you may reserve “Aishiteru” for more intense occasions, such as during a marriage proposal.

    3. Dakishimete

    When you use “dakishimete”, you are asking someone to embrace or hug you. If you want to tell a person that you want to hug him or her, use “dakishimetai” instead. It is a word used to denote an embrace between lovers instead of friends. Girls can act like they are feeling cold and use the word “dakishimete” to ask for an embrace by their lovers.

    4. Aitai Yo

    Aitai yo means “I want to meet you”, but it is not used so simply like when you want to meet a regular friend for a cup of coffee. It is used when you miss someone so much you that have a strong desire to see them again. You can use this word when you have not seen your loved one for quite some time.

    5. Kekkon Shimasen Ka?


    It means “Will you marry me?”. You can use these words to propose to your Japanese girlfriend (or boyfriend if it happens to be a leap day)!

    6. Zutto Issho-ni Itai

    These words carry the meaning of “I want to be with you forever”. You can use this words in conjunction with your marriage proposal. It is also sweet for couples who have been together for a while to say these words to each other.

    7. Hitome Bore

    Hito me bore means love at first sight. If you want to tell someone that you fell for him or her at first sight, then you can say “Watashi wa anata ni hitomebore shita”. Perhaps you should not tell this to a stranger you have just met even though you really feel so about the person, as you might scare them away. Save these words for after you have known each other for a while!

    8. Mamoritai

    Mamoritai means “I want to protect you”. You may have come across many Japanese lyrics about wanting to protect someone, as it implies romance and chivalrous feelings in Japanese culture. It is something like “I want to be your guardian angel or knight in shining armor”. You can use these words when you cherish your loved one and feel protective about him or her.

    These words are relatively short and should be easy to remember. Make sure to practice them before trying it out on that certain someone so they come out the right way at the right moment. I hope they will work well for you!

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