Want Abs Like Gackt? Check Out His Crazy Training Routine for Hard Rock Abs!

  • Known for his fashionable image and rumors of plastic surgery to enhance his facial features, it is indisputable that Gackt puts a lot of effort into his appearance.

    So, it would be unthinkable to him to neglect the physical fitness aspect of his body too. Gackt also trains very hard on a regular basis to maintain his beautifully sculpted body.

    Gackt’s Abs

    Gackt’s six pack abdomen (abs) are perhaps one of the main reasons his legion of fans continues to gush over him. Also, there is no doubt that he probably receives many requests about his training regimen too. So here it is, Gackt’s hardcore ab training technique to keep his six pack hard as a rock. This method appears very unorthodox but is effective, it seems! Could this be the secret behind the training regimen of many celebrities?

    Gackt’s Unorthodox Ab Training

    The method involves what seems like a bowling ball but before you breathe a sigh of relief at the realization that it is not a bowling ball but instead a medicine ball (exercise ball), you may need to keep your jaw on the floor because the weight of the medicine ball is equivalent to that of a standard bowling ball, seven kilograms!

    What is involved?
    • Lie on the floor with added padding around your lower back area for extra comfort and safety, as the cushion will help to protect your lower back from the impact against the hard floor.
    • You will also need a helper to hold the 7 kg medicine ball and stand in front of you.
    • Then flex your ab muscles in preparation for the incoming medicine ball which will be dropped onto your abs!
    • Lastly, throw the ball back to your helper so the ball can be thrown at your abs again. Then repeat 120 times every day to achieve abs like Gackt’s.

    Here is a wee picture of Gackt, showing off his abs, after all his hard work. He totally deserves to show off after putting that much effort into his daily ab training. Gackt is no Superman so he did warn his fans about how painful this ab training method is.

    So do you think the pain is worth it for rock hard abs like Gackt? This method is definitely not ‘ab-newbie-friendly’ so, please be careful if you want to try this at home. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend it unless you already have a really strong base of abs already. So, until then keep to traditional methods!

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