The Top 3 Winners of the Most Delicious Donburi 2016!

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  • Furusato Matsuri Tokyo 2016 took place at Tokyo Dome for 10 days from the 8th of January to the 17th of January. It is a highly popular event which has been held every year since 2009. One of the most anticipated highlights of the event is the competition to decide the best national local donburi.


    Donburi, or don, is a Japanese rice bowl dish topped with other ingredients such as meat, fish or vegetables. They are served in large rice bowls which are also referred to as donburi. There are many variations of donburi. Among the more popular ones are the Oyakodon, Gyudon, Katsudon, and Unadon. For the donburi competition at Tokyo Dome, visitors can explore the various flavors of donburi and vote for their favorite one. The number of visitors this year reached its largest ever, of which 429,790 people came to visit and see the festival! On the 17th of January which was the last day of the festival, the results of the donburi championship were announced.

    Grand Prize winner


    The grand prize was awarded to Aomori’s Hachinohe Ginsaba Torozuke Donburi. Ginsaba are premium mackerels that grow in rough waters and are high in fat, which gives the fish a delectable taste. This donburi dish also made it to the final stage in 2012! According to the creator of the donburi, Sawakami Hiroshi from a restaurant called Saba no Eki, it was his 4th time entering into the competition.

    Saba no Eki


    1st Runner Up


    The first runner-up donburi is Kagoshima’s Shibushihatsu Kagoshima Kurobuta zanmai which features a black pork dish. Kagoshima is the largest producer of pork in Japan. Its black pork from Berkshire swine is highly sought after.



    2nd Runner Up


    The second runner-up dish is Hokkaido’s Tokachi Gyutorodon which is a bowl of rice topped with minced raw beef. It is a famous dish which is believed to have energizing effects. The beef is sourced from cows which are bred in healthy environments.

    Tokachi Slow Food


    If you are a fan of donburi, these top 3 dishes are a must-try! Have you tried any of the donburi listed above? Which one seems most appetizing to you?

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