Nagoya Is Home to the Cutest Dessert Ever: Chick-Shaped Pudding, ”Piyorin”!

  • A normal custard pudding can have many names. In the Philippines, it is called Leche Flan. In Japan, it is called purin. But what do you call a chick-shaped custard pudding, made with only the finest cochin eggs from the city of Nagoya?

    Nagoya may not be a popular tourist destination in Japan compared to Kyoto and Tokyo. However, the city is home to the many tasty hidden treasures of the country such as the sumptuous chicken wings from the famous regional fowl called cochin. Nagoya, being part of Japan, is no exception in making its food kawaii. The famous chick-shaped custard pudding from Cafe Gentiane Leger promises the sweetest pleasure of eating in a rail station.


    Piyorin: The Chick-Shaped Custard Pudding


    Purin or an ordinary custard pudding is a very common dessert that can be found everywhere in Japan. However, Cafe Gentiane Leger has cleverly thought of ways to make their own version of purin which they called piyorin. Piyorin is an onomatopoeia of the chirping sound of a chick in Japan (piyo-piyo) and of course, the normal custard pudding known as purin.

    This cute chick-shaped custard pudding is made up of one of the most expensive eggs in the country – the cochin eggs. The custard base is topped with a vanilla mousse which is then shaped into a tiny chick while small cuts of white chocolate are added to make the wings and crown of the chick as a finishing touch. Each piyorin can be considered a labor of love because each one is handmade and comes with a slight difference in its expression.

    The Many Versions of Piyorin


    Starting at 300 yen apiece you can now sample Cafe Gentiane Leger piyorin which also come in other flavors such as green tea (matcha). Aside from the matcha flavored piyorin, there are also limited-edition flavors and designs that match well with the current theme of the season. There is a special pair of piyorin made to commemorate Girl’s Festival or Hinamatsuri during March and the Tanabata Festival every summer. Halloween versions of piyorin with a pumpkin flavor are available every October while Santa versions of piyorin are available in December. You can also have a cup of coffee for only 150 yen to go with your piyorin.

    Other Useful Information


    If you plan to sample piyorin while staying in Japan, Cafe Gentiane Leger is located in Nagoya Station along the shinkansen side or the Taiko-dori side. The store is open daily from 7am-9pm except when it closes at 8:30 pm on holidays. To help you find and learn more about the shop, check out the website and map below!

    Cafe Gentiane Leger Tabelog

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