Are These 5 Flavors of Japanese Fruit Milk Tasty?

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  • The concet of fruit-flavored milk may seem a bit strange (except for banana milk which is well loved in some other countries), but Japan has a whole array of delicious fruit-flavored milk from sweet to strange!

    Do you know Ichigo-au lait? Ichigo is Japanese words, which means strawberry, and au lait is French word, which means with milk. So the answer is simple, that’s just strawberry with milk. It doesn’t sounds too weird. But in Japan, you can get that in vending machines, convenience stores and every where without blender! Is because in Japan, specific flavor with milk are really common and popular. Also, there are many flavors. I’ll show you the au-lait series that you can find in Japan!

    1. Ichigo-au lait (strawberry with milk)

    This is the one of the most common type of au-lait series in Japan! Literally, this is strawberry flavor, and it’s really sweet. And also, its color is pink, kind of cute. I think you can find it every where such as vending machine, convenience stores, and even schools!

    2. Mattya-au lait (green tea with milk)

    When you heard “green tea with milk”, probably you would not able to imagine how is its taste. However, green tea is really matched well with milk. Mattya is one of the green tea, but the flavor is a little bit different. Mattya is a little bit sweeter and richer taste than normal green tea. Because of that, to mix those up with milk would be creamy and rich taste. That’s my favorite one!!

    3. Mikan au lait (mandarin oranges with milk)

    Japanese mikans, which means mandarin oranges, are really sweet, so those are mixed well with milk. Probably, you can’t imagine the taste of orange and milk, but I think this is so good. But this item is a little bit rare, so if you find it, you should try it!

    4. Lemon-au lait

    This is a lemon flavor au lait. Also, lemon au lait is a limited flavor that you can find it just in Kanto-area.

    5. Fruit au lait

    This is fruit ponch with milk. Fruit au lait is also common one just like strawberry one. Also, you can drink it after the shower, and you would feel so good!


    Now I showed you the series of au lait drinks. Probably, some of them sound weird, but you should try those! I think you would like it! Also, there are more flavors in Japan, so when you visit Japan, you should try those and find your favorite!