Celebrate Hinamatsuri with the Sagemon Girls of Yanagawa City!

  • Yanagawa City in Fukuoka is a popular place for tourists because of its wide canals. The number of tourists has actually increased in recent years. To make sure that this trend will continue, a promo video known as “Sagemon Girls” was created by two organizations.


    Yanagawa as a Tourist Destination


    It is no surprise if some people do not put Yanagawa on their checklist. If ever they do, it is usually because of the existing wide canals where tourists can use “donkobune” in touring around. Donkobune is a sightseeing boat where people can hop on board and get amazing views of the whole city through the boat ride on the canal. You can also feel the beauty of the nature surrounding the area.

    Some people visit the city for the Hina-matsuri Sagemon Meguri (Yanagawa Doll’s Festival) where you can see gorgeous dolls displayed around the town.


    Who are the Sagemon Girls?


    Sagemon Girls are girls who best represent the city. This is in association with the Hina-matsuri event where you can see “sagemon” or beautiful handmade balls being hung next to hina dolls. It is said that these balls are sewn by family members every time a baby girl is born. On the girl’s first Hina-matsuri, these crafts are given the chance to be displayed.

    A sagemon girl should have an adorable face to perfectly match the event. Their hairstyles are adorned with sagemon balls so they look cute. Their job is to guide tourists through the city’s great destinations. They are also tasked with introducing some of the best dishes in town.

    The Promo


    It has become a norm for almost every prefecture to use the strategy of promoting their beloved cities with videos. So is the case with Yanagawa City which is currently receiving at least 1.2 million visitors per year. With high hopes of attracting many tourists every year, a video has been released featuring the Sagemon Girls. Everyone is hoping it will go viral so as to reach a wider audience – especially the younger generation.

    More Information

    Here is the video of Yanagawa’s Promo Tour with the Sagemon Girls.

    Whether the promotional video with Sagemon Girls will work or not, I greatly advise tourists to visit Yanagawa City. Besides having beautiful landscapes for walking, it is also a haven for special dishes. It is a rich combination of culture and tradition wrapped in a small area.

    Yanagawa Tour Options

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