Find Out How You Could Talk With Doraemon By Calling the Nobi Family’s Number!

  • Doraemon is one of the most popular characters in Japan that is known by almost everyone who has set foot or had interest in Japan. Doraemon started out in 1969 and it has been around for about four and a half decades since then. Still, the characters are immensely popular to this day!

    And with the 2016 release of Doraemon’s movie entitled Doraemon Shin Nobita no Nippon Tanjo, the Nobi family’s private telephone number was leaked! But don’t worry as it was actually part of the campaign for the movie’s release in the movie theaters. Read on further to find out more about what happened!

    Who leaked the Nobi Family’s Telephone Number!?


    There’s always a source of information for every rumor, and eventually, the information regarding the family’s telephone number was actually released at Monthly Corocoro Comic where Doraemon is still continuously being published under the publisher Shogakukan.

    Call Up Doraemon on the Telephone!


    For a small fee of ¥10 per 20 seconds, you can call up the Nobi family’s telephone line and have a little chat with not only Doraemon but also some other characters as well! Dial the numbers「0570-05-0903」and hear Doraemon chewing up his Dorayaki, get your name asked, or even choose what device you want Doraemon to use! Please note, this number was only available from February 15th 2016 until May 31st 2016, so please do not attempt to call now!

    Doraemon Shin Nobita no Nippon Tanjo 2016


    The upcoming release of Doraemon’s latest movie is actually a remake of the 1989 movie of the same title, and it was also the first Doraemon Movie of the Heisei era. The new movie will premiere on March 5 in TOHO Cinemas, so it’ll be a great chance to see the movie if you’re here in Japan!

    You can call Doraemon until May 31st by mobile phones and PHS so make sure to try it out! Some of you might also be wondering if it’ll work outside of Japan but unfortunately, I had a friend make a call from overseas with the number and it responded with “Please check the number and try again.”

    Well, if you are in Japan why not make a call with the number and check out the movie!

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