Kobe Steel: One of Japan’s Largest Steelmakers that Isn’t All About the Money!

  • Kobe Steel is a massive steel manufacturing company, and some may think that they are just another powerhouse only focused on profit. Well, this company is about more than just money because they care about contributing to their society and the environment. So, let’s take a closer look at what they bring to the table.

    Multiple Products and Services


    Kobe Steel has been in business since September 1905. They are one of the leading steel manufacturers in the world, and also supply copper and aluminum. Their port in Japan is one of the busiest places for importing and exporting iron ore and coal. This company also works in the business of power supply, construction machinery, electronic materials, welding, engineering, and much more. They are a versatile company with many industrial products and services.

    Honorable Values

    This company has various headquarters based in different countries throughout the world. They try their best to deal with every country in the world under the brand name of Kobelco. Kobe Steel is all about high-quality products and innovative ideas. They want to build trustworthy and collaborative relationships within their society. A fun fact about this business is that they even own their own rugby team. They seem to want to be involved in every aspect of their society.

    Care for the Environment


    A few of the business goals at Kobe Steel involves increasing productivity, lowering operating costs, and caring for the environment. They want to significantly reduce the impact they have on their environment. Each day they strive to contribute to environmentally-friendly products, technology, and services. By increasing the amount of daily practices that help manage the safety of the environment, Kobe Steel can effectively increase their corporate value.

    Kobe Steel is more than just a manufacturer. They hold themselves up to high standards and provide quality tools and materials. They strive to protect the environment and contribute to their society in the best way that they know how.

    Kobe Steel Website

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