Now You Can Try Yabusame (Japanese Mounted Archery) From the Back of a Taxi?

  • Ever thought of doing the traditional Yabusame (mounted archery) from the back of a taxi? You can now try it with a special 2-day archery course being offered by Sanwa Kotsu, a Japanese Taxi Company which has been expanding its business in the country over the past few years. The course will give the participants the chance to hit nine targets from the back seat of the cab.


    The Company
    Sanwa Kotsu’s Turtle Taxi


    Sanwa Kotsu is a Japanese taxi company with 6 offices located in Kanagawa, Tokyo and Saitama prefectures. They stick to the motto of providing the friendliest taxi service in each area so as to give a good impression to clients. They always try to thank clients all throughout their taxi business. Since the aim of the company is to provide high-quality services, Sanwa Kotsu started getting creative. Recently, they’ve been offering a 60-minute drive that takes tourists to different sites in Yokohama which also involves stopping over haunted areas in Kanagawa Prefecture.

    The Offer


    Now the company has come up with a new game devised for clients in the area where they will be given the chance to do the traditional art of horseback archery. However, no horses will be used in the stint. Participants will be allowed to hit nine targets with a bow (a plastic crossbow) and arrow (more like a foam dart) while the cab is moving. They will only be given 12 arrows at the start of the game. This is considered to be a special archery course which will be held in Minato Mirai, the central business district in Yokohama. As the cab drives by the selected area, it is the time for the clients to shoot their targets. Everyone is welcome to join the event which will only be done for 2 days from February 27-28, 2016. Each participant will have to pay a thousand yen in order to enjoy the ride.

    You can join the fun of the competition while having the chance to get a good score. All scores will be tallied on the official site so as to give recognition to participants. Prizes are also awaiting the top scorers of the two-day event!

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