Want to Be a Detective? Find Out What It’s Like at Detective Cafe Progress!

  • Have you ever felt inspired to be a detective due to how cool detectives look in series such as Sherlock Holmes and Detective Conan? The real world of detectives may be different from what you think. If you are not a detective but are curious about the world of detectives, then stop by this unique, detective-themed bar, called the Detective Cafe Progress!

    Detective Cafe Progress


    Progress is a place where you will be served by real private detectives. The detectives do their regular jobs during the day such as investigating and searching for lost people. When it comes to night time, they serve at the bar! What a way to earn a double income! And who knows, they might be able to tell a thing or two from the way you present yourself.


    The cafe by day, bar by night is established with an aim to bring laymen closer to the detective world. According to the website, the detectives are bilingual so you would not worry about feeling lost if you can understand English but not Japanese! The highlights of the café are the activities such as taking photos of yourself posing as a victim at a crime scene, which is free. To perfect the shot, you can have your partner take a magnifying glass and crouch next to you.

    Additional Activities


    Other activities which require no additional costs are having your mug shot taken and also discovering the devices used for eavesdropping purposes.



    In addition, you can experience fingerprinting with this comprehensive-looking set which you may have seen in detective dramas. This would cost you 800 yen.


    For 1000 yen, you can opt for special effects makeup of cuts, and 1200 yen for grotesque-looking burns, which will take 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Not all the staff have mastered the art of the special effects makeup, so on the occasions where the skilled staff are not around, you will not be able to receive this service.



    The bar also serves their original cocktail concoctions which cost 1000 yen per drink. The names of their special drinks also remind you of the terms used in detective series. For instance, one of their original cocktails is named MOT (Moment of Truth).


    Those who are obsessed with detective stories may find this cafe very interesting. Perhaps you would learn a thing or two from the activities in the cafe. Since the staff consists of detectives, you can ask them about their detective lives too!


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