3 Hammock Cafes for that Much-Needed Pit Stop to Relax and Unwind!

  • What do you do if you feel like having a nice meal at a café and at the same time feel like lying down? You go to a hammock café of course! Hammock cafes are a great choice if you are an adventurous café-hopper.

    1. Mahika Mano

    While there are a few hammock cafes at Japan, the one that is perhaps most well-known is the Mahika Mano in Tokyo. The café also serves as a showroom for hammocks, so for those that are interested in purchasing one. There are no chairs in sight, only hammocks so customers have no choice but to sit or lay on the hammocks! The tables are also quite small so I suppose the café is geared more towards relaxation rather than filling up one’s stomach.

    Mahika Mano Website

    2. Farmers Market

    If you prefer a bit of sunshine while relaxing in a hammock to resemble the feeling of a summer weekend getaway, then head on down to the Farmers Market in Tokyo which features an open-air roof which allows you to get some sun. It is perhaps not a good idea to bring your date to this cafe if he or she is not a huge fan of basking in the sun. Otherwise, for those that love the sun, this is the perfect place!


    3. Hammock Base Café

    If you’re traveling in a group there may be some of you who prefer sitting on chairs instead of hammocks. If that is the case, consider going to Hammock Base Café in Sapporo, Hokkaido. This is a good option if you don’t like the idea of eating in a hammock, not to mention the potential mess it could make. Perhaps you could dine seated on a chair and then relax in a hammock after you have finished your meal!

    Hammock Base Café Website*Japanese Only

    Have you dined at a hammock café before? If you feel like unwinding after a long day, pop into a hammock café and relax in a hammock – and even read a great book! Some customers tend to spend a couple of hours in a hammock café due to the bliss they feel while laying on the hammocks! I wouldn’t be surprised if people fell asleep in them too.

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