3 Must-Have Items For Sailor Moon Fangirls

  • Sailor Moon was a big part of my childhood, as it was for many others. Although I should have outgrown the brave sailor warrior by now, I can’t help but feel nostalgic about Sailor Moon Crystal and all of the new Sailor Moon merchandise that has come with it. My inner fangirl has come back to life, and is screaming for more!

    Here are three must-have items for the Sailor Moon fan in you.

    1. Liquid Eyeliner

    If you buy this liquid eyeliner, I guarantee you will at least once hold it in the air and yell “moon prism power, make up!” The newest offering of the Miracle Romance line will give you a beautiful winged liner to make those eyes pop anime-style.

    2. Lingerie

    For those of you who aren’t into makeup, but still would like to surprise their nerdy boyfriends with a sexy new look, Bandai has released Sailor Moon lingerie! A couple of years ago they had already created a bra and panty set inspired by the Inner Sailor Senshi in collaboration with apparel maker Peach John. They sold out almost immediately, which is why Bandai decided to bring a new batch on the market, this time also including the Outer Sailor Senshi! The design has changed a little as well, adding a pleated skirt and moving the ribbon from the back to the front. You can buy them here.

    3. Earphone Jack Accessories

    Bandai has yet another treat for lovers of the Sailor Moon series, especially if you happen to be a fan of the Outer Sailor Senshi and are hoping for a way to show your love without having to show your undies! They have released a five-piece set of earphone jack accessories for your smartphone, modeled after the rods and other weapons of Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibi Moon, as well as Sailor Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto. You can buy them here.

    There’s much more Sailor Moon merchandise out there to make a fan girl’s heart sing, but why not start with one the above must-have items?

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