Kabedon: the Japanese Romancing Trend that Came from Shojo Manga

  • In Japanese, “kabe” means wall while “don” is the sound effect when a person slams the wall. Kabedon is the action of a guy placing one or both hands on the wall to pin a girl who has her back facing the wall. It is used to look cool and to converse intimately with the girl. This can be seen in shojo manga and anime and when that happens, you know that things are getting serious. Besides being flirtatious, kabedon is also used in shojo series to express anger and frustration. So how is kabedon supposed to work in these series?


    The close proximity is enough to make a girl feel shy and excited. To make it more intimate, during the kabedon session, the guy can whisper sweet nothings (usually of the cheesy, dominant kind) into the girl’s ear. The guy needs to have a good pickup line prepared so as to not ruin the kabedon moment!

    The kabedon does not necessarily need to be performed on a wall as you can try other varieties like placing your hand on a tree trunk.

    Kabedon in Real Life

    Kabedon is not common in real life. I think that if the girl already knows about kabedon and you purposely try to do it, it may seem like you are trying too hard unless you are able to do it very naturally. If the girl does not know about kabedon and you attempt the kabedon on her, she may find it highly amusing and attractive or just frightening so be careful!

    How to Fend Off Unwanted Kabedon

    reject kabedon

    Do not attempt the kabedon on a girl whom you know is not attracted to you. She might be disgusted by this action and dislike you even further. And definitely do not try this with strangers!

    If you are an unwilling participant of kabedon, you can use the self-defense techniques to fend off the guy who performs an unwanted kabedon on you. Or perhaps you can just tell the guy off instead of resorting to violence immediately.

    Would you want to give kabedon a try?

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