Want More Kyary Pamyu Pamyu? Take the Kyary Ride at Universal Studios Japan!

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  • In partnership with the government’s movement to promote the tourism industry in Japan under the slogan “Cool Japan,” Universal Studios Japan (USJ) has also come up with “Universal Cool Japan” to attract more tourists with the hottest pop culture trends in the country.

    The campaign has been running for two years now with the promise to deliver only the best Japanese entertainment worldwide. The featured special attractions, however, are only until June 26, 2016. Meanwhile, this article will give you a bit of information so that you know what you might miss if you don’t make the trip to Osaka soon!

    What’s In Store for Universal Cool Japan

    So, what’s in store for Universal Cool Japan this year? A lot. For about 7,200 yen you can receive a one day pass and experience the best attractions of the Universal Cool Japan 2016. The event brings back four of the best attractions from 2015, starting off with a 4-D experience with Evangelion and Attack on Titan. There is also an exhibition from Monster Hunter and the zombie survival game Biohazard (an additional fee of 3,000 yen is required). The newest addition to the line of attractions is the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu XR Ride in which you may have to wait in the line for about 140-230 minutes before your turn comes. However, queueing for most rides takes about 100 minutes all day.

    The Kyary Pamyu Pamyu XR Ride

    Although Harry Potter and the Minions have always been the top selling point of USJ for years now, there’s another attraction that will surely catch your interest – the first XR roller coaster in the world with a dash of Harajuku’s kawaii culture. Of course, there’s no better representative of Harajuku’s kawaii culture than Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.


    While queueing for about 140 minutes or so, Kyary’s most popular songs play on loop to help cure boredom and to keep people warm by imitating Kyary’s choreography. There are also ushers who take photos in the so-called Kyary Factory. As you take your ride on this XR roller coaster, you will be given a pair of “Kyary Goggles.” These special goggles project a 360-degree virtual image which is faithful to Kyary’s Technicolor palate with dancing cosmetics and everything that represents cuteness while your car twists and drops all throughout the duration of the ride. The virtual reality element in this ride is new and is definitely something to look forward to according to many tourists!

    USJ Ticket Options

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