The Most Anticipated Anime Event is Coming: AnimeJapan- Brace Yourself and Prepare Wisely!

  • Missed last year’s AnimeJapan convention? Don’t fret! This year, Odaiba’s Big Sight convention center once again opens its doors to anyone who’s interested in witnessing the awesome exhibition of popular Japanese animation studios. The event is set to happen March from 25th to the 27th of this year. If you love anime and are visiting Tokyo in March, then this anime convention is something you shouldn’t miss!

    What to Expect at AnimeJapan

    While it primarily features booths displaying anime products from authentic Japanese shops, this event offers a whole lot more entertainment. Events such as concerts, appearances by manga creators, voice actors and even exhibitions by a few foreign animation companies are available as well.

    Whether you attend the event for sightseeing or to purchase high-quality anime goods, this convention is a real treat. It is also a good chance for interested animators to market themselves. Also, other professionals like graphic artists, animators, and game developers are likely to be there as well. Cosplayers are also welcome to wear costumes or rent from stores. Visitors who also want to have their photos taken while wearing their favorite anime costumes can use the cloakrooms to change in and photo booths to take their photos.

    This wonderful event will only happen over three days, and if you don’t prepare well, you may not be able to make the most of it. Here are some tips that will help locals and tourists stay on budget in joining the convention.

    Get tickets early

    As much as we all want to be a part of this grand convention, only those who have tickets are allowed inside the center. Good thing is, you don’t need to line up on the day to buy a ticket because you can purchase them online, and even from select convenience stores and ticket agents. Tickets bought in advance are likely to be cheaper than on the day so be sure to check out the official website for more information.

    AnimeJapan Website

    Get familiar with the location

    This isn’t too much of an issue for locals but as a tourist, knowing how to navigate across Odaiba will save you a lot of hassle and money spent on transportation costs. Be sure to familiarize yourself with where the event is taking place and plan out the time and route to get there using either Google Maps or Hyperdia. Keep an estimate of the travel costs involved and include it in your budget plan.

    Choose conveniently located accommodation

    For tourists, the easiest approach would be to stay in a hotel close to the convention. However, be sure to first consider the room prices because remember, you will be spending most of the day at the convention and only using accommodation to store your luggage and for retiring at night afterwards. Perhaps getting a room that provides only the basics will be easier on the budget rather than a five-star hotel – check out Expedia for cheap accommodation deals.

    Consider attending the event in a group

    The good thing about being in a group aside from it being more fun is that it provides another opportunity to save. During conventions, packages are likely to be available, and if you arrive in a group, the costs can be split amongst the group.

    Make a list of a rough estimate of miscellaneous expenses

    This includes all things that will fall under ‘pocket money.’ Things such as food, anime items, and costume rentals are all a part of it. Of course, many can still enjoy the convention without spending money on these extra items. However, it’s always more fun to splash out on being involved in the whole experience so having some extra petty cash is a must.

    AnimeJapan convention is a huge event and a lot of people are already eyeing it up in their list of March events to attend. So, make sure to be the first in line to grab a ticket and secure a place at this wonderful anime haven!


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