Step Into Rilakkuma’s World and Meet His New Friend at the Limited-Time Only Rilakkuma Cafe!

  • Good news for Rilakkuma lovers and fans of all things kawaii! There will be a Rilakkuma Café that will be open in Tokyo soon! The café is based on the theme of “Rilakkuma in Honey Forest.” The café will be selling food, drinks and dessert that are inspired by the adorable Rilakkuma and friends.


    The cute brown bear that is Rilakkuma was created by the Japanese company, San-X. The name Rilakkuma can literally be translated to “relax bear”. Rilakkuma is not alone as he can always be seen with his friends, Korilakkuma, a white bear, and Kiiroitori which is a yellow canary bird. In the recent Rilakkuma series, Korilakkuma brings back a new friend named Koguma-chan that he met in the honey forest. The new Rilakkuma Café is inspired by this theme.

    These are among the offerings at the café:

    Good Friends Eggs Benedict


    This dish features Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma designs. The eggs benedict comes with salad and smoked bacon. Excluding tax, the dish is priced at 1,580 yen.

    Unexpectedly Appeared from the Forest! Rilakkuma Green Curry


    Rilakkuma Green Curry is a Thai-style curry which features rice in the shape of Rilakkuma. Thick coconut milk is used for the curry and there is also a mini salad with slightly sweet honey mustard dressing. This dish costs 1,380 yen excluding tax.

    A New Friend? Rilakkuma and Good Friends Carbonara


    This is a carbonara pasta which also has side dishes of bread and salad with mustard and honey dressing. The dish costs 1,580 yen excluding tax. You can also take home the cute decoration, Rilakkuma POP.

    Rilakkuma Pancake Honey Forest


    The Rilakkuma pancake may seem too cute to be eaten! The pancake can be eaten with the green tea cream which has a mild sweetness. The dessert also includes a fluffy, green cotton candy. This dessert is priced at 1,480 excluding tax.

    Kiiroitori and New Friend Chocolate Mousse


    This dish shows the meeting of Kiiroitori and his new friend, Koguma-chan who is a chocolate brown bear. The chocolate mousse dessert is served with seasonal fruit. It costs 1,580 yen excluding tax.

    I Love Strawberries Korilakkuma’s Strawberry Honey Parfait


    This parfait consists of Korilakkuma’s favorite strawberries and honey. It is a great choice for strawberry lovers! This dessert is priced at 1,080 yen excluding tax.

    Korilakkuma’s Fluffy Honey Soda


    The honey soda drink comes with a Korillakuma cotton candy on top of the glass. You can stir the cotton candy to make it disappear into the soda! The drink costs 980 yen excluding tax.

    I Love Honey! Rilakkuma’s Honey Latte


    This honey latte features Rilakkuma art on the drink. The drink is also served with rusk bread. The honey latte is priced at 780 yen excluding tax.

    Plenty of Fruits: Rilakkuma’s Strawberry Milk Smoothie


    This is a sweet and delicious strawberry milk smoothie. It is so delicious that Rilakkuma can’t help but smile. This smoothie is priced at 980 yen excluding tax.

    The café will not be permanent as it is only open for a limited time period from the 4th of March to the 10th of April 2016. The café serves by reservation only. Customers can reserve online via Reservation A plan at 300 yen (excluding tax) which includes original Rilakkuma Café stickers, or through Reservation B plan at 800 yen (excluding tax) which includes an original Rilakkuma Café mason jar. There are also original Rilakkuma items sold at the café such as mugs, plates and towels.



    There are many fans of Rilakkuma so you better hurry and make a reservation before there are no spots left! Even if you do not manage to make a reservation, you may still want to take a look at the café from the outside.

    Rilakkuma Cafe Website (Japanese only)

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