Fried chicken? No, it’s Karaage!!

  • Do you know Karaages? I think those are similar to fried chicken. But taste are different than fried chicken. The difference between Karaage and fried chicken is the process to make them. When you cook fried chickens, you put flavor into flour to chicken be fried. On the other hand, when you cook Karaage, you put flavor such as ginger, soy sauce, and garlic on chickens before you put flour on the chickens. So Karaages’ chickens have flavor on its self, and the flavor can be different depending on how long time you put chickens in flavor, or how you put those flavors on the chickens.

    Anyway, these days, the Karaage shops which are just for Karaage are getting popular in Japan. And also, you can pick them up from the shops and can enjoy it with walking! Now, I’ll introduce some of the famouse Karaage shops!


    Yukari Karaage is so popular Karaage shop in Japan. Their Karaages are characterized by its shape, sphere. Usually, Karaages don’t have specific shape but they make those sphere to hold their flavor and smell well.

    Web site ※Japanese only
    Asakusa brunch access
    Hours: 10:00〜22:00
    Holiday: Nothing

    2. Kin-no-torikara

    Kin-no-torikara means golden Karaage. This shop is really popular among young people. Is because this shops are located in city where young people gather such as Shibuya, and Shimokitazawa. Also, their popularity is from their creative ideas. Their Karaage is actually really good if you eat just the Karaages, but in front of the shop, there are many flavors that you can put on the Karaage. The flavors are unique, such as mayo, pepper, and even chocolate !!

    Web site ※Japanese only
    Shibuya brunch access
    Hours: 11:00~23:00
    Holiday: Nothing

    3. Karaage-Ten

    Karaage-Ten is from Oita which is located in Kyusyu area. Actually, Oita is famous for good Karaage. This shop’s Karaages have good reputation because they fry the chickens after that got order. So we can eat hot Karaages that makes them better!

    Web site ※Japanese only
    Setagaya Gotokuji brunch access
    Hours: 11:00~20:00
    Holiday: Nothing


    Here, I showed you the popular Karaage shops in Japan. If you eat there, I’m really sure that you would like it and also, you would know the differences between Karaage and fried chickens. When you visit Japan, you should try those out!

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