Convenience store’s desserts ーSeven Elevenー

  • As I introduced in the other article, which is convenience stores’ desserts -Lawson-, there are many desserts in Japanese convenience stores. Also, they have own desserts brands. These days those desserts are getting popular especially among young woman. Anyway, this time I’ll introduce the desserts which is from one of the most famouse convenience store company, Seven Eleven.

    1. Mont Blanc cake

    This is a popular cake in Japan, called Mont Blanc cake. This cake has chestnuts cream on its sponge cake. These days Mont Blanc cake from Seven Eleve is getting popular because of its cost and quality. Usually if you get Mont Blanc cake in cake shop, it costs almost 400-500 yen or more. However, Seven-eleven’s Mont Blanc cake costs just 257 yen. Also, Manu people say that the Mont Blanc cake is really good, even better than normal cake shop.

    Creamy Mont Blanc cake
    257 yen

    2. Tororin-syucream

    This is a cream puff. Cream puffs are called syu cream in Japan. Anyway, this cream puff is characterized by its cream. The cream is just custard cream, but it’s really creamy. Also, even if it’s just a custard cream, it tastes like milk. In addition, the puff pastry is kind of crispy, so you would feel crispy and creamy at the same time.

    Price: 110yen

    3. Sakura-anmitsu parfait

    What a beautiful parfait, huh? Seven eleven also has Japanese desserts. The most popular one is this item. This item is limited version for spring. As you see, you can find many things in there. Also, it costs just 300 yen! Sakura means cherry blossom, and anmitsu is Japanese traditional desserts especially for spring and summer. Anmitsu is a desserts made of small cubes of agar jell and other delocious fruits and rice cake ball. You can go parks and you can enjoy it with cherry blossoms!

    Price: 300yen


    Here, I introduced popular desserts from Seven-Eleven. Seven-eleven has many shops which are located in every where, so you can find that easily. When you visit Japan, you should go to Seven-Eleven and try those out!