Want Hair Like Your Favorite Anime Character? Here’s Where to Go!

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  • Haven’t we all dreamed of becoming our favorite idol at some point in our lives? Be it Superman, a firefighter, Britney Spears, or Ariel from The Little Mermaid. The excitement you had when you were a little kid and got to dress up as your hero for Halloween is hard to forget. It comes as no surprise that Halloween and cosplay enjoy such a huge fan base even among adults. Who doesn`t enjoy becoming someone else for a couple of hours? The brave hero or the evil villain, the cool fighter or the cute princess – there are no limits. You can become whoever you want. But why limit yourself to only a few hours on Halloween or a cosplay party? If your idol happens to be a Japanese anime character, you now might be able to transform into them for a longer period of time!

    Wille Hair Salon

    Located in the heart of Tokyo, a hair salon called Wille managed by style director Naoyuki Shiga is the key to making your dreams come true. Recently, his salon has been receiving a lot of attention for its amazing styles or, to be more specific, the unique hair colors he creates. The salon was able to develop hair dyes that will give your hair the exact same shades as quite a few well-known anime characters.

    Kotori Beige

    A color called “Kotori Beige”, designed by Shiga himself, is especially popular at the moment. It perfectly matches the hair of Kotori Minami, one of the main characters from the very popular anime series Love Live.

    Sheryl Pink

    “Sheryl Pink” is another unique color on their palette. The pale pink shade is based on Sheryl Nome from the anime series Macross F.

    Hitagi Purple

    Also very popular is “Hitagi Purple”, a deep purple shade inspired by Hitagi Senjogahara from the light novel series Monogatari.

    The talented hairdresser calls those colors “2.5D Colors”, as they exists halfway between the real world and the 2-D world of anime and manga.

    If you would like to turn into your favorite anime character, why not start with your hair and pay Shiga’s hair salon a visit?

    Wille (ヴィレ) is opened from 10 am to 10 pm. Check the map below to find your way to the salon and get your dream hair!

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