Venetian Glass Museum: Enjoy a Romantic Italian Art Experience in Hakone!

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  • The Venetian Glass Museum in Hakone is a museum, shop, and cafe in one. It features Italian buildings in nature with a large strolling garden. It exhibits 100 antique Venetian glass and some modern art forms of making glass. The museum also offers classes on glass art as well as a dress-up service for that Venetian-carnival feel.

    The Antique Venetian Glass

    About 500 pieces of antique Venetian glass are kept in the museum with only 100 of them on display. It is part of Sadao Ukai’s huge collection. He is also a restaurant group owner who’s very passionate about Italian art. Much of his artwork collection come from the 15th to 18th century which includes tableware from noble families. It is a great way to enjoy the delicate radiance of Venetian glass with their elegant, graceful and colorful features.

    Modern Art

    Modern glass art adapted to the changing society and has extended from tableware to sculptures. These can be seen as you pass by a brilliant glass-walled corridor from the main entrance of the museum. One of the most aggressive artists is Dale Chihuly, an American glass sculptor, and entrepreneur. Most of his works are considered to be unique and moving into the realm of large-scale sculpture. A prominent sculpture he made is located in the middle of the pond consisting of a big cluster of countless curled white glass tubes.

    Museum Shop and Cafe

    The museum has a cafe with an open terrace where you can see live performances such as Italian ballads. It faces a huge garden which has a great view of the mountains. With such a nice view and incredible relaxing Italian music, the cafe will definitely help you feel content.

    On the other hand, the museum shop boasts a collection of several unique items worth the price. It includes glass products and accessories which were directly imported from Venice.

    Hakone Venetian Glass Museum is kind of a romantic art experience where you may fall in love with the antique Venetian glass. At the same time, you can also have a tea and cake comfortably within the museum’s vicinity.

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