Explore Japanese Ninja History and Hidden Traps at the Ninja Museum of Igaryu!

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  • Japan has a vast history of ninjas that a museum called, Ninja Museum of Igaryu was even dedicated to Japan’s ninja history. The museum is located in Mie Prefecture near Iga Ueno Castle. It has been divided into different sections providing individual elements of ninja lore and history. It also features several exhibits and demonstrations relating to the special skills of a ninja.

    What is an Igaryu Ninja?

    A ninja is a person who uses Ninjutsu, a traditional Japanese art of stealth, camouflage and sabotage. Ninjutsu was originally used for espionage but has already been considered part of the martial arts these days. On the contrary, Igaryu Ninja is a person skilled in magic and the use of fire. They originated from a clan of a descendant of the Mononobe Uji. You may have come across movies where you may have seen a ninja disappear through a smoke bomb. It is a skill well-used by the Igaryu ninja. Some of them used flaming arrows and even guns. The start of mixing explosives also became a secret skill in the tradition of Ninjutsu.

    The Museum’s Facilities

    Ninja Museum of Igaryu houses five facilities:

    • Igaryu Ninja House: Igaryu Ninja House is considered to be a simple farm dwelling built with several surprises such as hidden doors, escape routes and traps. A female guide takes the visitors around while demonstrating each trap.
    • Ninja Experience Hall: The Ninja Experience Hall is the perfect place to learn about the different tools carried out by ninjas in various strategies.
    • Ninja Tradition Hall: A total of 400 ninja tools are on display and the place to learn about ancient ninja writings is the Ninja Traditional Hall.
    • Ninja Experience Plaza Ninja Show: The Ninja Experience Plaza Show gives visitors a chance to watch how the ninja tools were used in the past.
    • NINJABO: If you want to purchase original ninja souvenirs such as tools, t-shirts, toys and clothing, better head to NINJABO.

    The unique history of Igaryu Ninja will never be forgotten with its preservation in the museum. It provides an exciting memorable experience every visitor will cherish.

    Ninja Musuem of Igaryu Website


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