Hotel La Suite Kobe Harborland: Perfect for an Elegant and Classy Stay!

  • KOBE
  • This elegant hotel holds a total of 70 guest rooms which have been elegantly designed and all have an individual terrace for that breathtaking view of the ocean, and vary from moderate, superior to deluxe.


    The more expensive rooms have gardens and are more spacious with prices ranging from 94,000 yen to 303,000 yen for two guests. Some of the room amenities include high-speed internet access, flat screen TV, DVD player and a speaker.

    To provide guests additional comfort, a Jacuzzi bath has been installed with TV, and for added beauty sleep, beds have been equipped with high-quality mattresses.


    The hotel features three restaurants offering different cuisines.

    • LE COEUR: serves international cuisines with a primary focus on French food. Its products are very seasonal and have been locally grown from Hyogo Prefecture. It tries to pamper guests with its elegant interior designs and sophisticated views. Guests are often blown away with its creative dishes and sophisticated service.
    • KOKORO: is the place to go if you want traditional Japanese dishes. The place provides a beautiful ocean view from its counter seats.
    • GRAND BLEU: is a lounge and bar area serving various malt whiskey and the finest wines.
    Banquet Rooms

    Banquet rooms are available for small and large gatherings and they come in different designs. Flora is a room filled with flower designs while Plaisir exudes in purity with its crystal chandelier and white motif. If you want to have an airy space, the garden terrace is the perfect spot. There are three other party rooms for smaller events. Weddings held in the hotel are considered to be “Haute Couture Wedding” as everything is made-to-order for originality and personal choice.

    Plan your next dream getaway by booking at Hotel La Suite Kobe Harborland. It is definitely the perfect choice for those that want a more elegant stay!

    Check out more information on rooms, rates, and facilities here!

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