Cafe Omnibus: Sandwiches and Baked Goods from All Around the World

  • This might be an extreme personal preference that comes from my love of architecture, but I love it when you imagine a building to be one thing from its exterior and when you walk inside, the interior is completely different to what you were expecting. Has anyone else experienced that?

    Cafe Omnibus Building History

    This building was a bank in the middle of Yokohama, but once you step foot into it now, you will find that the inside is nothing even remotely close to a bank. Inside is Cafe Omnibus (カフェ オムニバス), which serves sandwiches from all around the world as well as specialty coffee, and naturally flavored wine.

    Cafe Omnibus is modeled off of a marketplace in Italy and the building itself was the Old First Yokohama Bank in 1929 (that’s predating World War II).


    A unique aspect of this cafe is the way the food is set up. Instead of having a normal counter to order from, there are various food wagons set up around the place. An interesting aspect to note about the five wagons is that each of them was created by a different designer and each wagon serves various sandwich-centered menus from countries all around the world.


    One of the most popular sandwiches out of the many that are available is the Cuba Sandwich. This delicious sandwich is basically ham, pickles, and melted Emmental cheese sandwiched in a crispy panini bread.

    Cuba Sandwich


    Another popular sandwich at this cafe is, you guessed it the Omnibus Burger. This burger consists of home made ham, marinated red cabbage, mango, and yogurt sauce. This odd combination of ingredients actually makes for an insanely delicious burger.

    Omnibus Burger

    During the cafe’s lunch time, which is from 11:30 to 15:00, you are able to enjoy these sandwiches or burgers via the daily lunch plate which comes with a soup, a drink bar, and salad bar for only 900 yen.

    For dinner, Cafe Omnibus turns into a bar (not strictly for alcohol of course) that serves over 15 types of natural wine and craft beers. Oh and, of course, the most important part of any meal, dessert. Cafe Omnibus has desserts for lunch, tea time, and dinner. The desserts include tiramisu, gateau chocolat, and three other options which change frequently.

    Cafe Omnibus Website*Japanese Only


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