Best Japanese restaurants for a good cultural shock

  • You might have been to a Japanese Izakaya. It’s a Japanese-style bar-restaurant and most of them let you learn about Japanese food, service and culture.
    There are tons of Izakayas all round and you might be wondering which one you’d better visit. So let me introduce some of the recommended Izakayas.

    1. Tsukada Noujou

    You can experience a paramount hospitality in this Izakaya. A waitress welcomes you at the entrance, and she is going to take care of you the whole time.
    You can ask her to bring you a drink, additional food, or whatever, but waitresses there always realize what is missing at each table and bring it before the customers ask for it.
    Food and desserts are also beautiful. They bring you some additional food for free if you are lucky. Speaking about my own case, the waitress brought a flavored rice although we didn’t order anything anymore. She said, she fixed the rice with meat juice from the char-grilled Japanese chickens we just finished a few minutes ago.

    After you finish eating, they give you a business card. Not theirs, but yours. Once you receive your own card, you are a member of Tsukada Noujou!
    The title of your card changes as you constantly visit there.


    2. Ninja Akasaka

    All waiters are dressed up as Ninjas, and their service is also based on the concept of how Ninjas would serve a customer if they existed today. As soon as you enter the Izakaya, a Ninja shows up and directs you to your table. Food looks very Ninja too, of course.

    Some food on the menu needs to be cooked with Ninja skills. You will see the real Ninja power right at your table! When you finally leave, Ninja sends you off with a scroll. The one in the picture above says “God bless you” in a scroll.


    3. Zauo

    This place also allows you to experience Japanese culture as soon as you enter this Izakaya. The surprising point of this place is that you catch fish you want to eat by yourself. After you succeed in fishing, the chef starts cooking it.

    There is a large number of Izakayas we Japanese would recommend to visitors. Eating food allows us to spend good time together by sharing, relaxing and talking. I hope you will find your favorite Izakaya in Japan.