Try Snowshoeing at Niseko Village for a Fun Day in the Snow Exploring Nature!

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  • Winter in Hokkaido is every skier or snowboarder’s dream – powder snow for maximum shredding pleasure! Tons of people flock to Hokkaido all year round, especially during winter season for its world-class slopes. Niseko Village in Hokkaido is known for its white blanket of powder snow that doesn’t hurt even when you fall, so you can even make snow angels. So they say, but unfortunately, as much as we would like that to be true, it isn’t. Falling a hundred times a day in the snow hurts, a lot.

    So what do you do when everyone else is having fun gracefully gliding down the slopes without any pain in their joints?


    Snowshoeing is a relatively low impact activity that still lets you take advantage of the powdery snow. In fact, it brings you to even better snow that has not been touched. First snow on the slopes is brilliant, but when loads of people have made runs over it, it loses fluff and shine.

    Snowshoe Tour

    We signed up for the snowshoeing tour at Niseko Village for 4000 yen, which included a guide, snowshoes, and poles. The weather was windy and snowy, so not a great day to be on the slopes anyway! We set off into the snowy white, trudging along in the fresh knee-deep snow. The snow was soft and gave way easily. Snowball fights and tackles and takedowns were underway. Our guide brought us to Niseko Village where we could get a good view of Mt Yotei. The grounds we were going to trek was a golf course in summer, and was now covered entirely in a meter of snow.

    It was a true winter wonderland; there was no one within sight except for a lone cross-country skier. There was also a stable for reindeer and horses near the back of Niseko Village. We spent a good one and a half hours hiking in the snow, discovering holes and trees and animal tracks. Snowshoeing is a great experience that offers low impact fun with a touch of nature!

    Check out the Voyagin Website for deals on tours and the official website below for more information.

    Niseko Village Website


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