Budget Travel to Japan: 6 essential tips

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  • Since Japan is one of the dream travel destination, many people plan to go this country. But, unfortunately, many of them also don’t have enough courage to make their ‘Japan dream’ come true, as they assume that Japan is an expensive country.

    Actually, the rumor that Japan is an expensive country is not always true. Moreover, if you compare it to Australia, Western Europe, or even neighboring countries like China and Korea, Japan is sometimes considered cheaper. But, of course, this also depends on how you spend your money.

    Below are some tips on how to manage your money for travelling in Japan. This tips are only applicable to those who will travel budget-style, and who are totally fine with budget airlines and sleeping in a budget hotel.

    1. Keep an eye on ticket promotions

    Going to Japan is cheaper when you consider budget airlines. They sometimes also have promotions. So, look out for those. Some budget airlines to Japan are AirAsia, Jetstar, Peach Airlines, Tiger Air. But sometimes you can find non-budget airlines with cheaper price than budget airlines! Please check the fare of Korean Air and Viet Nam Airlines. If you are lucky you will get a really good deal!

    2. Budget accommodation

    You may consider to sleep at a budget hotel, as most hotels in Japan are not cheap. On the other hand, you can consider renting a room in an apartment / house. Open airbnb.com to find one. In Tokyo area, you can get an entire house for only 7000 yen per day and can it can accomodate 3 people. Just to remind you again, that the earlier you look for it, better. airbnb.com

    3. Travel to other cities by Bus

    Bus is considered cheaper than any other transportation in Japan. Willer Bus usually has better prices, as long as this company provides the route you want to take. By this bus Tokyo-Osaka travel can be as cheap as 3,100 yen. Just check it out! willerexpress.com

    4. Buy your food at a supermarket

    Supermarket, and convenience stores have a variety of cheap foods. You can get onigiri (Japanese rice ball wrapped in seaweed) or bread for your breakfast, the price of that is around 100 yen per piece. Another way is find ramen / udon eateries that start from 300 yen. Another option is conveyor belt sushi with prices starting from 100 yen per plate, and fast foods like Mc Donald or Mos Burger.

    5. Go to 100 yen shop to buy souvenir

    Although this store provides cheap stuff, they have unique and various options. Moreover, it is especially good if you have to buy gifts for a lot of people.

    6. Use one day pass for subway or bus

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    Travelling around the city requires you to go in and out subway or bus many times, is cheaper to do with a one-day pass. Just get it at any subway station.

    Wish your Japanese dream comes true!

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