Looking For a New Kawaii Cafe? Miffy Cafe Will Be Open For a Limited Time in Shibuya!

  • Not only will the Rilakkuma Café open in Japan this March 2016, there is also a Miffy Café that will be opening soon! Special cafes based on the themes of popular cartoon series are not new, and they always prove to be a hit in the Land of the Rising Sun which adores anything kawaii. Such cafes are also a great way to attract tourists who love these cute cartoon characters!

    Miffy’s Origins

    Miffy seems like it could be a Japanese creation but it was actually created by a Dutch artist named Dick Bruna. Miffy’s original name is Nijntje, which may seem unpronounceable by those are not familiar with the Dutch language. Nijntje is short for konijntje, which means “little rabbit”. Miffy originally appeared in a series of picture books in 1955. The books have been translated into over 50 different languages.

    Some of you may have noticed that Miffy seems quite similar to Hello Kitty, and Bruna has mentioned that he is not very fond of the cartoon cat which he thinks is a copy of Miffy. Like all things cute, Miffy is popular in Japan and the sales of Miffy merchandise in Japan is quite strong.

    Miffy Cafe

    The Miffy Café will open at Shibuya Parco’s The Guest Cafe & Diner. Since most good things do not last, the Miffy Café will be available to enjoy for a couple of months only – from the 18th of March 2016 to the 8th of May 2016.

    As expected, the Miffy Café will be serving food, drinks, and desserts which are decorated based on the Miffy character. Among the food, drinks, and desserts available are chicken curry rice, sandwiches, burgers, chiffon cakes, mango parfaits, cotton candy soda, and lattes.

    There is also limited edition Miffy merchandise which will be sold at the café such as stuffed toys, cutlery, stationery, tote bags, towels, and T-shirts.

    Will you be visiting this Miffy café? It would be fun to dine and relax in a cafe with such cute ambience after a tiring day! It is also a good chance to grab some of that special edition Miffy merchandise!

    Miffy Cafe Website

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