Check Out These Hatsune Miku and Sweets Themed Fashion Items by Felissimo!

  • The fashion industry in Japan is probably one of the fastest to change every season of every year. Many people consider Japan, especially the capital of Tokyo, to be the place to find the trendy fashion fit for an individual’s choice and taste.

    But with the emergence of the internet’s popularity, fashion has been easier to reach with online shopping and as well as online catalogues where you can browse the latest products of a particular brand. If you’re one of those interested in clothes and fashion, you might want to check out Felissimo and their newest fashion theme!

    Sweets Miku

    From the Felissimo Girls Miku Club, a sweets and Hatsune Miku themed fashion line has been put out for sale just recently! Many people, especially fans of Miku, had come to love her cool and refreshing mint color. Add a splash of sweets as well and that is what those who are into Miku, sweets and fashion will get!

    Take a look at the mint color and chocolate-inspired dress perfect for ladies who want to look extra kawaii when going out with friends or on a date.

    Or why not take with you a Miku Sweets Shower Umbrella that’s perfect to use for both sunny and rainy occasions?

    If you need a place to put your small items when going out, then the Cookie Pouch is what you need and it’s adorable too!

    Your fashion statements wouldn’t be complete without accessories! Choose from the Itadakima~su! Wristwatch with Miku’s pigtails for the watch hands, or the Tea Time Bracelet with teapots, sweets and charms dangling in your wrists!

    The Sweets Miku theme is definitely a sweet combination and if you’re interested in purchasing them, check the items out here! The chocolate and mint color combination is too cute, so make sure to add these items to your fashion collection!

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