How much does living on a budget cost in Japan?

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  • This article is directed at those who wonder how much it costs to live in Japan. Many people want to live in Japan either for working, studying or other reasons. But tassuming that Japan is not a cheap country, you may be wondering how much you will spend a month if living in Japan. Below are the average costs of modest living in Japan (based on budget style). Of course, how much you will spend per month will depend on your lifestyle too.

    Here are the comparisons between 2 cities (Tokyo and Nagoya).

    Tokyo vs Nagoya

    As the main and metro city, Tokyo costs are predictably higher.

    Tokyo Nagoya Remarks
    Housing 70,000¥ 35,000¥
    Electricity 4,000¥ 4,000¥
    Gas 5,000¥ 5,000¥
    Water 1,500¥ 1,500¥
    Phone 3,500¥ 3,500¥
    Internet 3,500¥ 3,500¥
    Daily food 15,000¥ 15,000¥ if you only cook by yourself
    Clothes 5,000¥ 5,000¥ not every month
    Weekends 10,000¥ 10,000¥
    Toiletries 2,000¥ 2,000¥
    Other 4,000¥ 4,000¥
    Total: 123,500¥ 88,500¥
    Common and simple room for rent in Japan

    The calculation above are the most basic cost of living in Japan. This does not include any travelling to other cities or countries. In addition, the price of the items you buy and pay for may vary. For example internet, it depends on how often you used it. Some people pay around 2000 for weaker connection and some pay around 5000 yen for a good one.

    Living in Nagoya is cheaper than in Tokyo

    Basically, the difference of the cost in every city in Japan depends on the housing. Tokyo is among expensive cities, while Nagoya is cheaper, so the cost of housing is far more affordable. If you want to know how much living costs in other cities ot prefectures like Osaka, Kyoto, Fukuoka, Tohoku or Hiroshima, you have to know the average price for rent per month, then the rest can be calculated by the above example.

    Nagoya Access

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