Want to Enjoy Sakura, All-You-Can-Eat Crab and Strawberry Picking All In One Day?

  • When visiting Japan in the spring, most people want to see the sakura in full bloom. The many sakura with their fleeting blossoms perfectly convey the charm of Japanese spring. Additionally, many travelers aim to enjoy plenty of delicious Japanese food. The wonderful taste of seafood and fruit that you can sample in Japan is famous in many parts of the world. Have you ever traveled to Japan, had too many places you wanted to visit and eventually had to give up experiencing all of them? Or, even if you did reach your desired destination, due to the language barrier, you were unable to learn all that you wanted to know about that place and couldn’t enjoy it completely?

    Now, you can take a one day trip via an easily accessible bus from Shinjuku to see sakura in full bloom, enjoy a crab buffet and strawberry picking all for an affordable price! It’s not only the reasonable price that makes this tour special. You will also be able to visit spots that are popular even among the Japanese. Also, there is an interpreter traveling with you who can help you to more deeply understand the things you want to know about Japanese culture!

    Starting the Tour from Shinjuku

    There are few people who have visited Tokyo and not stopped by Shinjuku, and so this tour starts from the center of the city. You won’t have a problem with the stops on the tour or how to access the bus because it is non-stop to each destination from Shinjuku!

    After departing from Shinjuku, the bus will head for Odawara, which was chosen as one of Japan’s 100 famous places for sakura. Odawara is a popular destination for sakura because visitors can enjoy around 350 trees blooming like a pink mist with a beautiful and traditional Japanese castle in the background.

    Crab Buffet and Lake Sightseeing by Pirate Ship!

    After enjoying a buffet including Japan’s much-loved crab for lunch, you can board a dazzling Japanese pirate ship and go sightseeing on the famous Lake Ashi in Hakone. You will be surrounded by the vivid greenery and beautiful nature of the area and, if the weather is good, you can see Mt. Fuji!

    All-You-Can-Eat Strawberries for a Snack

    For your afternoon snack, at a local farm, you will be able to pick as many strawberries as you like which have been grown by the farmers themselves. How many strawberries can you eat in one sitting? A Comfortable Return After seeing sakura and eating tasty food, you won’t have to worry about riding a crowded train when you’re tired from the trip. All you have to do is board the bus again and return to Shinjuku! Assuming you bought plenty of souvenirs, you can simply return to your hotel to rest.

    A Special Limited-Time Tour

    If you plan on your own, you will not only have to spend tens of thousands of yen but also look into transportation and make several reservations. With this special, limited-time tour, you can see the various charms of Japan without the hassle and for a special price of under 10,000 yen on weekdays.
    You can check for even more details here or look through other fascinating tours. Reservations are first-come-first-serve, so don’t miss out on this opportunity!

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