Inupathy: Japan’s New Device to Help You Know How Your Dog Is Feeling!

  • Many dog owners are always curious about what their dogs are thinking about. Now, there is a product that has been developed to help you know how your dog is feeling! Inupathy is a mental visualizer for dogs based on heart rate monitoring and it claims to be the first of its kind in the world.

    About Inupathy

    The CEO of Inupathy is Joji Yamaguchi and its co-founder is his corgi, Akane. The name Inupathy is derived from the combination of the words “insight” and “empathy”. No doubt, it is also a play on the Japanese word, “inu” which means dog.

    Inupathy gives dog owners insight into how their dogs react to the world. Users just need to slip the device around the dog’s body, and the device’s sensor will sense heartbeat underneath the fur. Inupathy has an algorithm which analyses the heartbeat and heart rate variation, thus estimating the emotional state of the dog.

    How It Works

    The emotions of the dogs will be shown through the various colors of the LED light on the back of the harness. When the dog is excited, a red light will be displayed. In a relaxed state, the device will show a blue light. If the dog is concentrating, the light will turn white. Most exciting is that when the dog is happy, the device will show a rainbow light!

    Inupathy syncs with the users’ smartphones so the heart rate data can be accumulated, allowing users to monitor the health conditions of their dogs. When play mode is activated, the device will suggest the types of games to play based on the conditions of the dogs. The games vary from hide and seek, chasing, and frisbee to treasure hunting, quizzes, and agility. The excitement and fun level of your dog will be calculated on a scale from 1 to 100.

    Where to Find It

    Inupathy is available in 3 colors, which are grey, blue and pink. There may be changes in designs in future versions of the device. The product will be available for pre-order on the 4th of March 2016, on the crowdfunding site, Indiegogo. It will also be exhibited at HACKist’s booth at the SXSW Trade Show from the 13th of March 2016 to the 16th of March 2016.

    By knowing how your dog feels, it will bring the relationship between you and your dog to another level. The communication gap between two different species will be reduced! The bond between you and your dog will, therefore, be strengthened.

    Inupathy Website

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