Travel Back 400 Years in Time for the Samurai and Ninja Show in Asakusa!

  • Most people the world over know Japan for their great warriors, the samurai and ninja. Sadly these roles ended many years ago. But thanks to the efforts of a new group you can see ninja and samurai live in battle!

    Samurai and Ninja

    An overview of Japanese history would be lacking greatly if ninja or samurai were removed from its pages. Samurai were at their peak during the warring states period in Japan over 400 years ago. They were the honourable warriors who fought for justice and their leaders. Iconic in their shining armour and outlandish headwear, the samurai have taken the hearts of many people thanks to their nobility. Sadly, with the introduction of western philosophy to Japan, the samurai era ended.

    In contrast, the ninja were shadowy assassins. When diplomacy failed the ninja were sent out, for espionage, for breaking into castles or for murder. The ninjas have the imagination of the world, their secrets revered and their stealth renowned. Once the states of Japan ended their wars and were united, the need for ninja dwindled and ended. However, you can now see the ninja and samurai live, and even join in!

    Samurai and Ninja Show

    If you wish to travel 400 years back in time then go to Asakusa this March and experience a show like no other. The show will incorporate a live samurai battle! There will also be other traditional Japanese events such as taiko drumming, ninjas showing their skills and even geisha! I can’t think of how you would pack more Japanese history into a one-hour show! If you are the type of person that likes to get involved then stick around after the show. Learn how to throw shuriken, the Japanese ninja throwing star. Be taught how to play the taiko drum, drink tea with a geisha and even dress up as a samurai! For this, you can have a real photoshoot with a fully armoured samurai also!

    Tickets are only 3000 yen, which is a really good price for the amount of excitement packed into this show. The show will run 6 times, twice each day on the 29th, 30th and 31st of March. Don’t wait, book your tickets now!

    Samurai and Ninja Show Website

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