3 Popular Japanese Manga and Anime on the Big Screen in 2016!

  • Do you like to see your favorite manga or book being adapted into movies? Movies are a great medium for people who do not like to read, so check out these upcoming 2016 movies based on popular Japanese manga!

    1. Itazura na Kiss the Movie: High School Arc and Itazura na Kiss the Movie Part 2: Campus Arc


    There are two upcoming movies based on the Itazura na Kiss manga, which is a highly popular shojo series that was adapted into a drama series in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand. High School Arc tells the love story between two high school students, Kotoko and Naoki. Naoki is athletic, intelligent and dashing. On the other hand, Kotoko is not very bright but she is very cheerful and determined. As for the Campus Arc, both students enter into the same university where Kotoko faces a new love rival, who is the beautiful Yuko Matsumoto. High School Arc will be released in fall 2016 while the release date for Campus Arc has not been confirmed.

    2. If Cats Disappeared from the World (Sekai kara Neko ga Kieta nara)


    This movie is not based on a manga series, but a novel of the same title by Genki Kawamura. The protagonist is a 30-year old postman who lives alone with a cat. He suffers from recurring headaches and a visit to the doctor one day reveals that he has a brain tumor and will not live for long. After that, a devil appears in front of him and tells him that he could live longer if he were to choose something to disappear. The protagonist has to face the dilemma of being selfish by sacrificing other things or to just accept his fate. This movie will be released in May 2016.

    3. The Town Where Only I am Missing (Boku Dake ga Inai Machi)


    This movie is an adaptation of an ongoing manga series, Boku Dake ga Inai Machi which is also known as ERASED. Satoru Fujinuma is an unsuccessful manga artist who also works part time delivering pizzas. He has the ability to travel back in time right before life-threatening incidents occur which allow him to prevent them from occurring. When his mother is killed by a serial killer who targets children, Satoru goes back 18 years in time as an elementary school student to try and prevent his mother from being killed. The movie will be released in March 2016.

    There seem to be great offerings of movies in 2016. Among the movie adaptations listed above, which ones intrigue you? I find the plot of ‘If Cats Disappeared from the World’ to be highly amusing, but it is certain to turn on the waterworks!

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