Clone Yourself into a Doll at Akihabara’s Clone Factory: Cool or Creepy?

  • Have you ever thought of cloning yourself? It is possible now at the Clone Factory in Akihabara. The factory lets you create 3D-doll versions of yourself and your pets too! With the use of multiple Digital Single-lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras, photos will be taken from the subjects face in varying angles. The data will be analyzed and put together to mold that 3D sculpture of yours.

    Human Cloning

    Japan, as an innovative country, has been working steadily on human cloning particularly developing synthetic humans. It is quite a controversial issue as many people still negate the thought of being replaced by somebody looking like them. But for those who are interested in the greater significance of such technological advancement, the Clone Factory in Akihabara might just have the next big thing.

    Process of Cloning

    The process of cloning starts with the subject who has to sit in the center of the room surrounded by many cameras. With proper sitting position and pose, the person’s picture will be taken at different angles. In order to create the mini 3D replicas, the photos will be transferred to the computer which will stitch the pictures and data altogether. The printer used is very special and it uses plaster and ink to mold the sculpture. Once the person’s head is rendered, the actual doll-making will be completed.

    The Outcome

    Although the outcome may seem eerie it looks so close to an actual person. The cost of each doll is insanely 138,000 yen! Most of the time, people who want to have themselves cloned are women who are having some special celebration such as a wedding party.

    So everything is definitely reproduced from hairstyle, dress to make-up. It is somehow a way of preserving that special moment in their life.

    This pocket-sized version of yourself is definitely a unique souvenir to have. How about you? Are you willing to have an exact mini clone of yourself?


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