Nissan Introduces Self-Parking Chairs for Neat Offices

  • When it is time to get home from work or leave the meeting room, employees may sometimes forget to push in the office chairs under their desks or just do not care about doing it. While pushing in the chairs so that the office looks neat does not have any added value to work production, the messy chairs must have irked enough people to inspire Nissan Motor Company to collaborate with creative team BIRDMAN to create this new invention wherein chairs would automatically be pushed into desk spaces.

    How It Works

    The self-parking chair system uses wireless technology and 4 motion detection cameras set at each corner of the room. The position of the chairs can be detected by the cameras and the route of the chairs to the desk spaces will be wirelessly transmitted, thus giving information to the chairs to navigate back to the desks.

    You can watch this video which demonstrates the parking ability of the Intelligent Parking Chair after a clap. It would almost seem like a scene from Paranormal Activity were it not for the clapping.


    self parking chair table

    While Nissan has developed this chair technology, the company has no intention to sell the chairs as of now. The stunt is done to bring more attention to Nissan’s park assist technology utilized in cars for drivers to be able to park easily. For the park assist technology, the driver just needs to input the parking location and the steering wheel would move automatically to park the car. The driver would only need to step on the accelerator and brakes. This technology is useful for those who are bad at parking or are tired and less focused after a long drive.

    self parking technology

    So what do you think about the intelligent parking chair? While it may seem like a luxury which could promote laziness, it could be useful for big halls packed with chairs. Otherwise, for a regular office, this technology could be unnecessary unless the boss is an extreme neat-freak.

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