Download JR East’s Newest Navigation App to Prevent Getting Lost in Tokyo’s Busiest Stations!

  • One of the most common questions that my foreign friends ask me is “Isn’t it hard to find your way around train stations and train lines?” This is especially the case for some of my friends who’ve been to Japan on vacation and found the commute a bit of a struggle. You also might have been asked this question too if you live here.

    For us Japanese, trains have always been a part of our daily commute but there are also times when we make mistakes or can’t find something in a certain station as well. However, thanks to technology’s advancement and our smartphones, everything has become easier with helpful apps.

    JR East Station Navigation App

    Train lines in Japan are considered a pain by many, but train stations itself can add to that. Shinjuku Station, one of the busiest stations in Japan is no doubt a jungle with all the lefts, rights and exits inside and not to mention the number of passengers toing and froing from there.

    If you have ever experienced the struggles of navigating Shinjuku Station, then the In-Station Navigation App by JR East Japan is what you’ll need. With the app, you will easily be able to navigate the station as it can locate the users position and also prepare routes for destinations inside the station.

    This app is very helpful because even the smallest detail in the station can be difficult to find. There are also a number of exits that can cause further confusion. The app also shows specific places like ATM’s, restrooms, lockers and much more.

    Download the App

    You can download the app on both the App Store and Google Play and the final edition of the app is also set to be released in 2017 too.

    Often using Shinjuku Station to access the West side of Tokyo, I myself once had a hard time when I was looking for the Keio Line platform, only to find out that the access had been moved to a different location! Well now navigating has just become a lot easier with this app and it’s also in English and has the ability to naviagate around Tokyo Station as well, so make sure to download it on your smartphone before venturing to any of these large stations.

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