Check Out Fujiya’s Adorable Gudetama Treats for Easter!

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  • One of the things the Japanese are good at is putting our creativity in everything we can think of. Every occasion or celebration will surely have stores popping up everywhere with different themes that will catch your attention. And with Easter coming up soon, you can expect what will happen.

    With eggs, rabbits and an assortment of colors as Easter’s symbols in Japan, the popular Japanese confectionery Fujiya is also joining in the celebration bringing out sweet treats with a twist. Collaborating with Sanrio, Fujiya will make your Easter a little cuter (and lazier) this year with Gudetama themed Easter desserts!


    By now you probably might have heard of or seen Gudetama before, but if you haven’t, well Gudetama is the cutest lazy raw egg character you will ever find. Created by Sanrio, Gudetama lacks the enthusiasm to do anything in life and with a number of short clips, you’ll get to see how cute Gudetama is despite the laziness.

    Gudetama Easter Themed Desserts by Fujiya

    Collaborating with popular Japanese confectionery and cafe chain Fujiya who brought out the mascot character Peko Chan, two treats will be brought to consumers for this year’s Easter celebration. Starting on March 4th, all Fujiya stores across Japan will be offering the Gudetama Pudding and Easter Gudetama Roll Cake.

    Gudetama Pudding

    The Gudetama Pudding, which will be sold for ¥180 each, will have 10 different packaging styles you can choose from. Pudding (or pronounced as purin in Japan) is a popular staple dessert at home alongside yogurt so it wouldn’t hurt to try the Gudetama Pudding for an after meal snack!

    Gudetama Roll Cake

    The Gudetama Roll Cake, just like the Gudetama Pudding, will also be offering 6 different packages and it will cost¥880. If you look at the packaging closely, you’ll notice the colorful eggs with Gudetama’s face on them and as well as Gudetama wearing bunny ears!

    Gudetama has an official Twitter account where you can see all of Gudetama’s cute lazy tweets so you might want to take a look at it. The Gudetama Easter themed desserts will start selling out soon so make sure to drop by your nearest Fujiya Store!

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