Ladies, Let Your Feet Look the Part with Cute Detective Conan Footwear!

  • Detective Conan or Case Closed is a long-running detective anime and manga series which has received tons of positive responses from critics. The series garner many fans and as a result, both the anime and manga series have been ongoing for more than 20 years.

    Fans of the series will be delighted to know about this unique style of shoes and socks produced by Erimaki Sox, which has taken inspiration from the Detective Conan series.

    Synopsis of Detective Conan

    Detective Conan is a story about a high school detective named Shinichi Kudo who was poisoned by the Black Organization. It was an experimental drug so while Shinichi did not die, he transformed into a young boy. He adopted the pseudonym of Conan Edogawa and lives with his childhood friend, Ran Mouri and her father, Kogoro Mouri, who is not a very bright detective. In the series, Conan would use gadgets given by Dr. Agasa such as the tranquilizer needle to put Kogoro to sleep and the voice-changing gadget to mimic Kogoro’s voice to reveal the case’s solution.

    Footwear by Erimaki Sox

    The shoes and socks are designed based on the costume designs of Conan Edogawa and Kaitou Kid. The style of the socks is actually based on traditional Japanese socks known as tabi. Tabi are ankle-high socks with a separation between the big toe and the rest of the toes and clasps at the back of the ankle. However, for these socks by Erimaki Sox, there is no separation between the toes and no clasps at the back. The price of the socks is 5940 yen while the shoes cost 19980 yen.

    Conan Edogawa footwear

    The socks are white and feature a collar and red bow. The socks also have buttons which mimic the look of a button-down shirt.

    The shoes are blue platform wedges which are similar to the look of Conan’s coat. There is even a yellow button in the middle! The shoes match perfectly with the socks.

    Kaitou Kid footwear

    If you are a fan of Kaitou Kid, you may prefer this set of footwear instead. The color scheme of the set is similar to Conan’s footwear. The socks are blue and feature a red necktie, and similar to Conan’s set, has button details and collar.

    The socks are meant to be paired with these white wedges. Together, they are reminiscent of Kaitou Kid’s signature outfit!

    These sets may disappoint male fans who want Detective Conan-inspired shoes. Perhaps the company can come up with similar designs without a wedge or heels. Of the two sets, which one do you think is more aesthetically pleasing? I may be more of a fan of Kaito Kid’s but the footwear based on Conan Edogawa appears to be cuter! You can pre-order the shoes here (in Japanese Only) before they are officially released in May.

    Erimaki Sox Website, Facebook and Online shop

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