Choo Choo! Enjoy a Drink and Trains at Ginza’s ChouChou POPON Bar

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  • With the number of various themes and concepts being used in Japan, there is certainly a place where you’re able to spend time enjoying what you love. Japanese trains are considered cool by many because of its structure and design and because of that, there are many people who become enthusiasts of Japan’s most popular mode of transport.

    Captivated by the beauty of trains, these enthusiasts travel to a number of different places to explore the different kinds of trains, and there are also those who collect miniature train figurines too. If you find trains cool, then check out ChouChou POPON!

    ChouChou POPON

    Chouchou POPON is a unique and stylish bar that is located in Ginza and is the perfect bar for those who love trains. There are around 60 different kinds of model trains ranging from your ordinary commuter trains up to your high-speed bullet trains roaming around the bar while sip away on your drink.

    Aside from the model trains, you’ll see, there is also a miniature model of cities and railroads where the trains will pass by. There is also one side of the bar where the wall seems like a myriad of stars in the night sky and the trains pass right below it.

    The bar also holds events from time to time like mini-concerts and sharing short tales about trains and everything related to it. The bar also serves a variety of original liquors too.

    Train otaku is a term used in Japan to loosely describe those fascinated by trains; their interest in trains becomes a hobby and has become a popular one at that. If you consider yourself a train otaku, why not pop into ChouChou POPON and experience this amazing train-themed bar? It’s a haven for all train enthusiasts!

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    ChouChou POPON Website*Japanese Only


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