Get to Know These Super Cute Japanese Snow Animals!

  • Being a long island, Japan’s coastline is nearly 3,000 km and has various climates, from cool temperate in the north (Hokkaido) to tropical in the south (Okinawa). Adjusted to each place, there are various animals, that are native to Japan.
    Hokkaido is very different from mainland Japan, having very cold winters and mild summers, the rural areas of Hokkaido are rarely traveled to by tourists and even if you live there, most of these animals are not easily spottable.
    Some of the cutest animals from Hokkaido are presented here.

    Ezo Momonga (エゾモモンガ)

    The English name is Russian flying squirrel and it’s also native to other countries, like Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Russia. The big eyes and cute fur adds to its ultimate cuteness. See the flying squirrel in action here!

    Iizuna (イイズナ)

    This weasel is perfectly adapted to snowy weather in Hokkaido with it’s white fur .
    It is surprisingly fast and reminds one of its cousins, the ferrets.

    Shima Enaga (シマエナガ)

    Similar to the Iizuna, Shima Enaga has done some camouflage to survive in Hokkaido’s nature.
    Due to it’s long tail, its English name is “long-tailed tit”.

    Ezo Risu (エゾリス)

    Hokkaido Squirrel takes its name just like Ezo Momonga, and other Hokkaido animals, as Hokkaido was formerly known under name “Ezo”.

    Ezo Naki Usagi (エゾナキウサギ)

    The Japanese name means “crying rabbit”, due to its distinctive call. Check out the sound of the animal, this inspired Pokemon’s Pikachu.

    Ezo Fukuro (エゾフクロウ)

    Owls are considered to be lucky animals in Japan, so this Hokkaido owl is very popular among Japanese.
    The word for owl “fukuro” can have two other meanings: with “fuku” meaning “luck”, it can be interpreted as “the lucky one”, but “fu” can also mean “no” where “kuro” is “suffering”, so “fu-kuro” would be “no suffering”.

    Kita Kitsune (キタキツネ)

    キタキツネ #キタキツネに遭遇 #キタキツネ#北海道#当別ダム #ふくろう湖

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    Ezo red fox is quite common, particularly cute and can even be seen at the sides of the streets.
    More cuteness in this video.