Wonderland in Ikebukuro: Themed Restaurant ’Alice in an Old Castle’

  • Alice in an Old Castle is one of the five Alice in Wonderland themed restaurants in Tokyo. Located close to the east exit of Ikebukuro station, it is relatively easy to reach and a must if you like theme restaurants, Alice in Wonderland, or cute things in general!

    The Concept

    Each of the locations has a specific concept inside the Alice in Wonderland theme. For the Ikebukuro location the story is that Alice has her mermaid friend kidnapped by the Queen of the Old Castle, and goes to the castle to rescue her friend. This little intro is painted on a giant storybook-like wall at the entrance to the basement restaurant. Other locations also seem to have these books near the entrance, so if you would like that, you could visit each restaurant in the order of the actual Alice story.

    Since it is supposed to be a castle, giant chandeliers, velvet drapery, and mirrors are the decor of choice. There are several different rooms for diners. One room has chandeliers and mirrors, another has brick walls and regal tables, then there is a room with black and red velvet curtains and low lighting, and the final room is decorated with blue and black velvet and aquariums. On the website you can see the private party rooms they have available.

    The Menu

    As would be expected, everything is named after something that is related to the world of Alice in Wonderland. While the types of food offered is not particularly unique (pizza, pasta, dessert) the presentation is spectacular! The drink presentation is amazing as well. One of my drinks was served in an LED glowing cube that gave the cocktail an overall glowing effect. I have never seen such cute and clever ways to present food and drinks. Make sure to have your smartphone ready to Instagram your orders!


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    Prices range from around 600 yen up to 2,000 yen. But the portion sizes are pretty decent, so you do get your money’s worth.

    Access Information

    As I went on a Saturday night, the restaurant was pretty busy. Making a reservation is highly recommended. They also ask that you stay at most two hours so they can accommodate as many people as possible. Despite the busy night though, we got our food fairly quickly after ordering so staying less than two hours was not a problem.

    If you are in the Ikebukuro area looking for a unique experience, be sure to check Alice in an Old Castle out! If you are really up to it you could try all five locations, but starting out with the Ikebukuro location is a great choice. Bon appetit!

    You can click here if you want to make a reservation.

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