Love Fishing but No Time to Venture into the Country? Try Urban Fishing!

  • Fishing is a popular hobby in Japan, enjoyed by both kids and adults as it provides a great opportunity to bond and communicate effectively. However, many Japanese people do not have the luxury to go to the countryside for fishing, so as a solution, Japan started opening venues where fishing can be done even in the middle of a busy city. This is what we call “urban fishing”.

    Outdoor Fishing

    There are several ways to experience fishing in Japan but the first option is to go immediately to a fishing pond in an open space. It usually provides the closest possible experience to that of authentic fishing. All you have to do is sit beside the concrete pool while you fish for a carp. You do have to pay an hourly rate for this which normally starts at 400 yen for children to 500-600 yen for adults.

    The fish in the pool have been specially placed inside it by the owners so that everyone will be able to experience a catch. Once you’re done fishing, you can take all your carps to be weighed as you will receive points for every kilo of fish caught. The purpose of this is to get awards or prizes and sometimes when you produce a really good catch, you might get your next session free!

    Indoor Fishing

    For those that don’t fancy fishing in the rain, Japan has another solution to this called “indoor fishing”. It follows the same concept with outdoor fishing but the pools are located anywhere. Believe it or not, some high-rise buildings have indoor pools where most middle-aged and retired men flock there to relax. Weekends are usually fun as these places are surrounded by children, and on Friday nights, it turns into a love nest for couples.

    Most people may think that the purpose of fishing is to catch something to eat. However, you cannot take your catch home with urban fishing unless you go to a restaurant where you can eat your catch. Fish are only weighed for awards and are brought back to the pool. Urban fishing is a great opportunity to sit, relax and fish for fun. It’s a welcome opportunity for solitude and contemplation as well. Below is a great place in Tokyo to check out!

    Ichigaya Fishing Website*Japanese Only


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