Meet My Melody’s Super-Cute New Friend: Littleforestfellow!

  • Many of you may be familiar with the character, My Melody as it is one of the many characters produced by the popular brand, Sanrio – the same company behind the world-famous Hello Kitty character. Once in a while, you’ll hear news of new characters popping out from the company ready to cause a stir among the people.

    From cute characters to the ‘what kind of character is this?’ reaction you’ll get, Sanrio has produced them all. Gudetama, another popular character from Sanrio, has also caused a stir for being a lazy egg. However, the newest character and My Melody’s buddy will bring the cuteness back once again!

    My Melody’s Buddy, Littleforestfellow

    My Melody’s newest buddy, Littleforestfellow is a cute little boy character that also wears a red cap that matches My Melody. Aside from being a close buddy of My Melody, Littleforestfellow is also said to be her second cousin and also shares the same birthday which falls on January 18th!

    Littleforestfellow’s Nickname

    Now the name, Littleforestfellow may be a little too long to remember and difficult to pronounce, but according to his profile on My Melody, Littleforestfellow’s nickname is Mero/Melo (めろぉ). Now that’s easier to say! Also, according to My Melody’s information, Melo’s most treasured item is the red cap that he received from My Melody and his hobbies include collecting buttons and playing with My Melody – his favorite character. No doubt Melo is very close to My Melody!

    Melo Kun products are proposed to be released by mid-May and mid-June and these will include cute stuffed toys, pouches and other goods too! You’ll surely get to enjoy the number of expressions that Melo Kun will display, along with his signature pink cap as well. No doubt My Melody’s newest buddy will be a super-cute hit among all of the My Melody fans out there. Make sure to check out the Melo Kun product range once they’re released!

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