Koganei Park: Free Entry and Perfect for a Picnic Under Beautiful Cherry Blossoms!

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  • For many people, Tokyo is considered a metropolis in Japan with skyscrapers and full of people leading busy lives. However, there is another aspect of Tokyo that involves peaceful open spaces in greenery and nature. Does that sound like you? Then check out Koganei Park which is one of the largest parks in Tokyo.

    Where is it?


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    Koganei Park is situated in Koganei city, on the way from Tachikawa to Shinjuku. It is accessible on the Coco buses near Higashikoganei station that operates the Chuo line, but in my opinion, using a bicycle is better. This is because it can be exhausting to explore the park in one day without a bicycle as there are many places of interest and the park is extremely large.


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    Weekends and holidays are occasions that Koganei Park is bustling with outdoor parties and music shows from the early morning to late evening. Thousands of people from adjacent areas gather there to enjoy activities, which creates a very boisterous atmosphere. Also, many exhibitions are held here on the weekends. Last month, I had the holiday of a lifetime, seeing some class cars on display at the Tokyo Bayside Classic Cup.

    Spring Cherry Blossoms

    In spring, the park turns into a wonderland of picturesque views of cherry blossoms. The park is large and has so many open spaces that you do not need to worry about a place to set up a picnic. Everyone is able to enjoy a lovely meal and converse happily while being surrounding by the beautiful cherry blossoms. To me, there is nothing more beautiful than a picnic under beautiful cherry blossoms in spring.

    Explore the Forest


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    If you arrive by bicycle, you can cycle through the forests where there are a variety of plants, flowers, and birds to see which allows you to explore and feel connected to nature right in Tokyo without having to travel too far.

    The park also has an Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum, which exhibits various styles and architectures of buildings in Japan from the Edo period.

    With the park only a 30-minute journey from the center of Tokyo, free to enter, and providing many activities for you to enjoy, why don’t you head along this spring, have a picnic and soak in the beauty of nature!

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