Sweets Shop C3 is ”Happy to Sweet You” With Their Sakura-Flavored Tiramisu!

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  • If you think that Japan has already had enough with its barrage of sakura-flavored products for the spring season, then you are terribly wrong! Now there is a new sakura-flavored product, and it is none other than tiramisu. As usual, the dessert will only be available during the spring season!

    Tiramisu is a classic Italian dessert which is coffee-flavored. It is interesting to note that the meaning of tiramisu is “pick me up”. It is a dessert that is loved worldwide.


    The confectioner C3 was inspired to put a spin on the popular dessert by infusing it with the famous ingredient associated with spring in Japan. C3 is actually pronounced as “C Cube”, and the C’s actually stand for coffee, cheese and cacao which are the key ingredients in tiramisu. The company actually specializes in tiramisu, so it is no wonder that they would want to bank on its specialty product and release a new version called sakura tiramisu! C3 has a very cute tagline which is “happy to sweet you”.


    Sakura Tiramisu

    The sakura tiramisu will go on sale from the 15th of March 2016 to the 19th of April 2016. The layers of the tiramisu will be drenched in sakura syrup which is made from cherry blossom leaves. Thin slices of strawberry chocolate are also sprinkled on top of the tiramisu, and the slices are cut into the shape of sakura. And that’s not all, as the mascarpone cheese used in the tiramisu hails from Hokkaido which is famous for its delicious dairy products. The tiramisu is available in two sizes which are L and Cup. The Sakura Tiramisu L will be sold for 1,620 yen whereas the Sakura Tiramisu Cup will be sold for 486 yen.

    Are you tempted to try the sakura tiramisu? It can get you in the mood for the spring season! For all you tiramisu-lovers who would like this new flavor which is unique to Japan, you may want to check out this website which shows you a list of the C3 shops.

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